Gen11 was a team created to counter Gen13.


Gen11 was created by Dr. Cross and Reverend Tommy Hogan. The four members of Gen11 were raised in a sterile environment, to be kept pure. They had never even seen dirty hands until they had fully matured. The Reverend could not abide them due to the fact that they had souls. After their creator abandoned them, Cross kept them contained in individual cages, except when feeding them humans.

Cross sent the team to retrieve the missing members of Gen13, where Lucy became so entranced by Eddie Chang's grungy hands that she stole away with him in order to mate with him. By disobeying Cross' orders, Lucy was ordered killed, earning the wrath of Sydney and his brothers. Sydney helped Eddie escape from Cross' machinations, and his brothers began to eat Cross alive before he crashed his helicopter into Tabula Rasa headquarters.

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