General Electric is a supervillain who has spent years pursuing the mystical Sandman and the Orichalcum whistle he wield.

During World War II, when General Denki was a young man, he was a mad scientist who worked for the Japanese government, looking for Orichalcum in the mysterious mountains of Nanda Parbat. The American military squad known as the Losers were sent to stop him and, on their journey, discovered the time-displaced Forager, who had been sent back in time by Electric in the future after stealing the villain's newly-discovered Orichalcum whistle. Forager figured out past-General Electric's plot and went to stop him, launching the whistle that had transported him into Electric's forehead, sticking into his brain. Denki's upper head was forced to be replaced with a new cybernetic brain, and the whistle would be lodged inside Electric's head for years as he continued his search for more Orichalcum.[1]

In the modern day, Electric used Forager as bait to trap his longtime enemy Sandman. Electric had discovered the whistle that had been lodged in his head and planned to finally defeat Sandman with it. However, Forager escaped captivity and confiscated Electric's whistle, going back in time to when he met Electric in the past and creating a paradox.[2]




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