Founded by Jono Hex, Generation Hex is a band of malforms (the forefathers of metamutants) who, shunned by decent society for what they were, had no opinion but to live the lives of outlaws.


The band battled Thunderhawk and M-Parasiteplate. After M-Parasiteplate's defeat, the mysterious malform Nightgate teleported Retribution to remain with the team.

While robbing the mail train from Tombstone with the Seventh Cavalry's wages, Jono and Generation Hex are attacked by Marshal "Bat" Trask's mechanical Razormen. Jono and his band of outlaws retreated and rode non-stop for three days and three nights. After it became apparent that the Razormen would not rest until they destroyed a malform, Jono came up with a plan. The other members of Generation Hex returned to Jono's hometown of Humanity and terrorized its inhabitants for almost an hour. Conceiling his scarred face, Jono rode into Humanity and pretended to chase the rest of Generation Hex out of town. The grateful people of Humanity, who did not recognize Jono Hex, praised the tall, mysterious stranger as their saviour. They even asked him to be Humanity's sheriff, an offer which Jono declined. But before riding out of town, Jono instructed the citizens of Humanity to disguise themselves as malforms so that they would be spared when the next band of malforms rode into town. Under Jono's guidance, they used everything they could lay their hands on, anything that might disguise the fact that they were normal, decent, clean-living folk. Jono then rejoined Generation Hex and lured the Razormen into Humanity. The Razormen's primitive artificial intelligence scanned the disguised citizens of Humanity and concluded that they were malforms. Jono Hex stopped in the Boothill Graveyard just above town and looked back as the good folk of Humanity were massacred. He laughed all the way to Mexico.

Generation Hex battled Kultron, Will Magnus' robotic killing machine from the modern era. Unable to slaughter every metamutant in his era, Kultron travels back in time to the Old West era to eliminate the malforms, the forefathers of metamutants.


Transportation: They travel by horses

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