Genesis is the child of an Angel and a Demon, and inhabited Jesse Custer for a long period of time.

When a male Angel and a female Demon met, they copulated, and as a result, the Demon was impregnated with Genesis. When the Angel found out, he decided to kill the Demon. However, as he was strangling her, he was interrupted by more Angels. At the same time, Genesis burst from it's mother's stomach, presumably killing her. The Angels captured it, and trapped it in a cell in Heaven. The Father tried to warn the others that the child was too powerful, and that it would try to attach itself to a soul. He was ignored, and cast down onto Earth.

Later, Genesis escaped, and flew to Earth. He then flew into the body of Jesse Custer, and destroyed Annville, Texas, and everyone in it, except for Custer. Genesis gave Custer the ability to force people to do things, simply by telling them to. Genesis stayed with Custer until he was shot by one of The Grail's soldiers. Genesis died with Custer, and when God brought Custer back to life, he made sure that Genesis stayed dead.


  • Omnipotence: Genesis was said to have power rivaling that of God.
    • Mind Control: While in Jesse Custer's body, Custer could force others to do things, as long as they understood English, and they could hear him.



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