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 The Genesisians are a generally peaceful race that inhabits the God planet of New Genesis.


The people of New Genesis, just like those of Apokolips are a product of the death of the Old Gods, and they became part of the New Gods after millions of years of evolution.[1] All Genesisians have humanoid form, with some of them possessing incredible powers, like Lightray, Orion, and the Forever People. Originally cast aside as a plague, the Empire of the Bugs of New Genesis are also considered Genesisians.

The people of New Genesis live in unity and peace, and they live under the rule of the benevolent Highfather, who also follows the indictments of the The Source, the complete opposite of Apokolips.

Powers and Abilities


While the powers and abilities vary from God to God, the general attributes they all share are:


Type of Government:


Level of Technology:




  • The denizens of New Genesis were created by Jack Kirby and are considered a major component of his "Fourth World" mythos.

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