The Mongol warlord Genghis Khan conquered and ruled almost all of the known world.

At one point in his career, Genghis Khan was abducted into the far future era of 1942, by Dr. Doome. He and a handful of other world-conquerors, from diverse eras of history, were teamed up by Doome, for the purpose of committing large-scale crimes. Genghis ended up in Alaska, with some Mongols and some hoodlums, pitted against the Shining Knight and Winged Victory. He was defeated in this battle and was returned by Doome to his own time and place.[2]

  • This character is a fictional representation of Genghis Khan, a real person. More information on this person can be found at
  • Leading Comics #3 is the first physical appearance of Genghis Khan in a DC comic, but he had been mentioned earlier, as in these stories:
    • Genghis Khan accumulated and concealed at least two fabulous hoards of gold and gems. One was found in Inner Mongolia by Zatara and the Tigress,[3] and another was found elsewhere in China by Ian Murray and Pan Chi-Lou.[4]
    • According to one legend, Genghis Khan bequeathed a distinctive golden ring to his descendants, denoting the ring's owner as the one true heir of Khan. This conferred legitimacy, over the centuries, on various bandit leaders and, in more recent history, several protection racketeers. In the mid-20th century, the ring resurfaced in Gotham City's Chinatown, now in the possession of Mr. Wong, the elderly former informal "mayor" of Chinatown, from whom it was stolen by a gangster named Loo Chung. Gotham's mysterious vigilante Batman recovered the dangerous ring, and promised old Wong that he would destroy it.[1]
  • In the Pre-Crisis Multiverse, Earth-Two, Earth-S and Earth-One each had a separate and distinct Genghis. On the Post-Crisis New Earth, those three characters were combined into one being.
  • In Green Lantern #10, immortal caveman Vandal Savage claimed to have been Genghis Khan. While some of Savage's other assertions in that story have been shown to be false, it is possible that claim was true, and that on Earth-Two Genghis was a disguised Savage. (On New Earth, Savage never made a similar claim.)



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