Quote1 Glad to hear you and your son have met. Such a gifted young man. You have no idea how gifted. Quote2
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Genji Sato is the son of Captain Atom.

When Captain Atom was teleported back in time to 1997 where he adopted the moniker of "Vincent Mallory", he encountered Takara Sato, one of the nurses in charge and the two hit it off. They soon married in 1998 and moved from Keystone City to Central City.

In the year 2000 Takara became pregnant with Atom's child but he disappeared from her life - he actually was teleported back to 2017 - leaving her to grieve and raise their child alone. In 2010 Takara was involved in a fatal car accident and left Genji to her sister whom he lived with until 2017 when Atom hired a Private Investigator to find his son. Posing as a JROTC officer, Atom took Genji on a trip to Winslow Air Force Base where they rode in an F-16 but Genji revealed his anger towards his absentee father and thus Atom refrained from telling him.

Later, the villain Ultramax captured Genji having seen him in Atom's mind and used him to lure out the hero. During the fight Genji displayed some form of nascent inherited power that protected him when he was struck by lightning. Once Atom defeated the villain, Genji expressed how happy Atom made him - leaving a possibility for reconciliation.


  • Genji was born in 2000 and is aged around 17 years.



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