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Gennifer "Gen" Pierce was a metahuman of Earth-1 before the Crisis.

Gennifer Pierce, nicknamed "Gen", was born on Freeland to the metahuman Jefferson Pierce and the scientist Lynn Stewart; she also had a sister, Anissa. She also inherited his father's elecrokinetic abilities.

Some time before the Crisis, Gen and Jefferson helped Freeland metahumans disable their abilities so the A.S.A. captured her and imprisoned the girl into the "Pit", a secret meta-human prison. Later, Chief Odell also arrested Jefferson for his "crimes" and executed him before Gennifer's eyes.

At the beginning of the Crisis, Gennifer's mind was sent to a dimensional plane, which was previously created by Jinn Pierce's subconscious in the aftermath of the death of her universe, where she discovered the existence of her Earth-2 doppleganger and another counterpart of herself.

Gen Pierce recalled her story to her dopplegangers before reality caught up with them as the antimatter erased both Gen and Jinn from existence.[1]