Early Life

Geoff Johns was a native to Smallville, who became infected by meteor rock, during his childhood. In high school, Geoff played for the Smallville Crows. However, he never used his metahuman ability on the field.

Things became different when Geoff went off to Metropolis University and began playing for the Bulldogs. High school football had been one thing, but Geoff found himself under more pressure playing college football. He began using his ability on the field. Furthermore, fearing that his metahuman condition would be found out (resulting in him being kicked off the team), he tried to avoid taking mandatory drug tests. Even going so far as to paying students to acquire urine samples.

Season Four

Coop, another player on the team, discovered what Geoff was doing. Because of this, Geoff killed him and framed fellow student, Lois Lane. When Lois threatened to expose Geoff, he kidnapped her and attempted to kill her, making it seem like an accidental drowning.

However, Lois was not alone. Clark Kent, a Smallville High senior and current player for the Crows, was visiting Met U (with Geoff attempting to recruit Clark to the Bulldogs) and was a friend of Lois. Clark confronted Geoff, who found his ability ineffective against Clark. Clark forced Geoff to tell him where Lois was, saving her life, while Geoff was taken into custody.


  • Geoff possesses a tactile ability to paralyze anyone that he touches.


  • Geoff Johns was played by Chris Carmack.
  • This character was named after the DC Comics writer Geoff Johns.



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