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Geoffrey Barron was an inventor and business magnate who went to Markovia to sell his battle armor, the Technocrat 2000.

He was accompanied by his bodyguard Charles Wylde. During their stay, the Outsiders were also present in the country and framed for the murder of Markovia's Queen Ilona. Barron and Wylde were forced to flee in which the latter was mortally wounded by a bear. Barron wound up to donning the Technocrat 2000 to defend himself. Afterward, he and Wylde joined the Outsiders in clearing their names and helped in battling Prince Roderick (who was responsible for Queen Ilona's murder) and his vampire troops.

Barron became the target of the assassin Sanction, who was hired by Barron's ex-wife Marissa. He along with Wylde discovered that Sanction was Michael Ryan, a previous known associate who worked for the CIA and blamed Barron for allegedly abandoning him. Sanction failed to kill Barron after being defeated by Katana. However, Sanction managed to kill both Marissa Barron and Halo, who the latter's essence transferred into Marissa's body. After this, Barron eventually to have feelings for Halo despite the difficulties of separating his feelings for his wife from Halo's physical body. When the Outsiders split into two teams for a time, Technocrat joined the team with Geo-Force and Katana so as to distance himself from Halo.






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