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George was a security guard who often worked for the Luthors. After Lionel Luthor's death and Lex Luthor's disappearance, he went to work for Tess Mercer as her bodyguard.

George appeared at Lionel Luthor's office at LuthorCorp to notify him that Lex had disappeared from the Luthor Mansion. Lionel thought it was another of the tricks of Lex but George confirms that none of the bank accounts of Lex had been moving. Then he left when Lana Lang entered into the office and prepared to speak with Lionel about Lex.

Later, he went with Lionel to Lois Lane's apartment to retrieve the cigarette case that she had stolen from the crime scene in which Lana Lang was injured.

When a newcomer Tess Mercer wanted to find Bette Sans Souci after a bus explosion, George went to her to notify that they had been unable to locate the girl. Tess told him to not return until found her, but George questioned his orders saying that Tess tried to approach Bette on the bus and things didn't go well, and that Lex would have terminated the girl immediately. Tess reminded him that she was in charge now, and things were going to be different.

It's later revealed that George was one of those responsible for forcing Lana to make a video to breakup with Clark Kent and later kidnapped her under orders of Lex, but Lana managed to escape by shooting George in the shoulder.

When Tess was sent to the hospital because of Davis Bloome, who escaped from the Luthor Mansion, she ordered George to find him in any way. While guarding the corridors of the Mansion, he was ambushed by the Green Arrow who dumped him unconscious on the ground in order to enter Tess' room.

Later, George informed Tess that her vault containing the Orb had been blown open from the inside, and that they had no idea where the Orb had gone. She then gave him strict orders to retrieve the Orb.

After the whole Kryptonian army of Zod suddenly disappeared from the Luthor Mansion, George found Tess and it was revealed that she had ordered him not to interfere with what had happened inside the mansion. When Tess demanded the security videos of the Mansion, George was surprised that the security footage had been wiped despite the high-security software protecting the information. Later, while George brought information to Tess about the possible whereabouts of the Kryptonians, they were interrupted by a loud noise in the hallway. When they went out to look they found a body lying on the ground and then George ordered Tess to remain where she was. He went to investigate and was attacked by a crazed person that crashed through a window and killed him.

  • George was played by Mike Dopud.