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Quote1.png He used to be an occult investigator called The Ghost. Until he died. Quote2.png
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  • Unique Physiology: Green Ghost isn't a real ghost, George chose to stay in his astral form after his death.
    • Flight: As an astral form of himself, George can float through the sky.
    • Astral Projection: George is not here in a natural form, he is a projection of his soul. As such he is beyond death and cannot be destroyed by regular means.
    • Invisibility: George can make himself invisible or others invisible.
    • Enhanced Senses: George can sense the recently dead and speak to them, if they need to be spoken to. He can also sense others who might need to be guided, especially if death is in their future.


  • Investigation: George has been a long time detective, often working mysterious cases.
  • Occultism: George has studied magic for a long time, giving him access to magical abilities.



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