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The Hood is an English vigilante who models himself off of Robin Hood, carrying the same attitude in crime-fighting. He is an excellent fighter shown to be highly competent, who has teamed up with Batman on at least one occasion.[1][2][3]

When Batman was kidnapped by the villain Narcosis, the Hood was one of the heroes who helped track him down.

Batman Incorporated

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The Hood's activities after this are unknown. However, he became involved with a British espionage concern known as The Agency, "Her Majesty's Super-secret Service", headed by a man codenamed "Matron". He donated the bulk of salary to charitable causes. When Batman, Inc was formed, his employers positioned him to be invited to the group, hoping to use him as a mole. However, he used the Agency's computers to help Batman track on Doctor Dedalus, in the process discovering the Agency's connection to Spyral, Dedalus' old organization. In the process he was himself betrayed by the Agency and left for dead.[4]


  • The Hood's appearance has been noted to be highly similar to that of the second Azrael.
  • The Hood has been described as a "Brit super-spy" by Jacob Kane.[5]



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