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The Hood is an English vigilante who models himself off of Robin Hood and is a member of Batman Incorporated.

Batman Incorporated

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The Hood became involved with a British espionage concern known as The Agency, "Her Majesty's Super-secret Service", headed by a man codenamed "Matron". He donated the bulk of salary to charitable causes. When Batman, Inc was formed, his employers positioned him to be invited to the group, hoping to use him as a mole. However, he used the Agency's computers to help Batman track on Doctor Dedalus, in the process discovering the Agency's connection to Spyral, Dedalus' old organization. In the process he was himself betrayed by the Agency and left for dead.[1]

Cheating death, the Hood became part of Batman Inc's "Dead Heroes Club", a group considered dead by Leviathan, who have a special mission of some kind.[2]


After the dissolution of Batman Incorporated, Hood resumes his status as an operative of Spyral, going under the alias of Agent 24. On one of his missions, he was sent to recover a black market bio-weapon, but sustained injuries leading to the loss of several toes and fingers. Agent 37 and Matron are sent to resume his task.




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