George Crystal was the first Attila was an enemy of Hawkman.

Attila I is a combination of the spirit of the Earth human George Crystal and a robotic construct built years ago by the people of the planet Aza, a spacefaring race that was conquered and absorbed into the empire of the planet Thanagar.

Thus far, little has been revealed about the background of George Crystal other than that he is a man of strong religious beliefs. When he found the Attila robot on Earth…the precise circumstances of its arrival have not been made public as yet…he allowed his spirit to enter the construct, at which point Attila asserted its primary programming: to avenge the death of Aza by slaying any Thanagarian it could find. Because of this, the robot swiftly found and attacked the two Thanagarians living on Earth at the time: Katar Hol, AKA Hawkman III; and Shayera Thal, AKA Hawkwoman II.

Ultimately, Crystal was able to assert his own more benevolent nature and stopped Attila from killing the Thanagarian heroes. Crystal then expelled his spirit from the Attila robot, leaving it temporarily lifeless. Crystal himself then resumed his normal life, until injuries he sustained as Attila caused his death.


the Attila armor; when his mind occupies it, he can use it to fly and also has command of its offensive weapons systems



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