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George Dean is the mayor of Smallville on Earth-Prime.

At some point in time, George Dean became the mayor of Smallville.

Dean invited Morgan Edge to Smallville to attend the town meeting where he offered to use his money in order to create new jobs for the citizens.[1]

Edge was eventually revealed to have been using the people as Subjekts for his superpowers project, and the town was left in even worse shape than before. The townspeople largely blamed Kyke Cushing, and although Dean told the Cushings to their faces that he would help them he in fact planned to scapegoat the Kyle to protect himself from political backlash.[2]


  • George Dean was portrayed by Eric Keenleyside.
  • Eric Keenleyside portrayed a bartender in another Superman-related TV show, Smallville.
    • He also portrayed Gabe Sullivan in a deleted scene for the pilot of Smallville.