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George Dean was the mayor of Smallville.

Dean invited Morgan Edge to Smallville to attend the town meeting where he offered to use his money in order to create new jobs for the citizens.[1]

Edge was eventually revealed to have been using the people as Subjekts for his superpowers project, and the town was left in even worse shape than before. The townspeople largely blamed Kyke Cushing, and although Dean told the Cushings to their faces that he would help them he in fact planned to scapegoat Kyle to protect himself from political backlash.[2]

Lana Lang-Cushing ran against him in the next mayoral election, the first time he had had a serious challenger in years.[3] After a hard fought campaign, in which Dean attempted to cast himself as the "family values" candidate in contrast to the Cushings' marital problems, Lana beat him by a six point margin.[4]

Dean appears to have been illegally selling X-Kryptonite from the Shuster mines to Bruno Mannheim.[5]

When Lana assumed office she found that the town's finances were deeply confused, likely by design. In order to fix a serious black mould infestation at the school, Lana diverted money which Dean had previously earmarked for some unknown purpose. Dane confronted Lana at the Kent twins's birthday party and told her to put the money back but refused to explain why. Dean left when John Henry Irons ordered him to, but warned Lana that she didn't know what she was doing.[6]

Dean was murdered by Peia Mannheim, an enforcer for Intergang. as a result of Lana's actions. He called Lana as he was being attacked and told her that it was all about the "pride of Smallville". This lead her to a thumb drive hidden behind the seal in the mayor's office, but Onomatopoeia attacked her and stole the drive before she could see what was on it.[7]