George Evans (b. February 5, 1920) is a writer.

Personal History

Born Feb. 5th. 1920 in Harwood, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Evans was an air force mechanic in WWII. Upon returning to civilian life in 1945, he opted not to take the G.I. Bill, which his parents opposed. Instead he took art classes while freelancing as an illustrator and did aviation art for a few pulps, notably for Fiction House. He married, and he and his wife Evelyn had two daughters. They lived on Long Island, New York for decades, eventually moving to Mount Joy, Pa. He passed away on June 22nd. 2001.

Professional History

In 1946, Evans was given a job in Fiction House's comic book division, erasing pencils alongside the young Frank Frazetta (who was fired for drawing on the job). Evans was eventually given comic book art assignments for WINGS COMICS, FIGHT COMICS, RANGERS COMICS, PLANET COMICS and others throughout the late 1940s. Graham Ingels also gave work to Evans when Ingels worked at Ned Pine's group (Standard) as art director/staff artist. Later, Evans drew for Famous Funnies (HEROIC COMICS, BUSTER CRABBE), where he began to work with Al Williamson. In the 1950s at Fawcett, Evans tackled stories for CAPTAIN VIDEO, SUSPENSE DETECTIVE, THIS MAGAZINE IS HAUNTED, STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES, WORLDS OF FEAR, BATTLE STORIES and several romance stories in various comics. At EC from 1952-56, Evans contibuted the art comic book fans most loved in TALES FROM THE CRYPT, HAUNT OF FEAR, TWO-FISTED TALES, SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES, VAULT OF HORROR, CRIME SUSPENSTORIES, FRONTLINE COMBAT, ACES HIGH, PIRACY, IMPACT, TERROR ILLUSTRATED, MD, WEIRD SCIENCE-FANTASY and other titles. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, he worked for Dell and Classics Illustrated on a number of factual or movie adaptation comics, plus art for book publishers. Gold Key's RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT! and TWILIGHT ZONE (TV adaptation) as well as BLAZING COMBAT, (Warren's EC-like magazine) which published a couple of Evans stories, but he spent most of the 1960s ghosting TERRY AND THE PIRATES in newspapers for George Wunder (1960-1973). He would later continue Al Williamson's run on SECRET AGENT CORRIGAN from 1980 until the strip was finally cancelled in 1996. During the 70s and 80s he also drew stories for WEIRD WAR TALES, G.I. COMBAT, OUR ARMY AT WAR, OUR FIGHTING FORCES and other DC comics. NATIONAL LAMPOON magazine saw Evans take on satirical jibes at the world of comics, and in later years Factoid Books' BIG BOOK OF...series published some of Evans' last sequential art illustrating documentary-style comics in a large squarebound format. Aviation magazines of various titles and years contained illustrations and painted art by Evans as well, and it was those that he was perhaps most proud of.

Work History


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