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Quote1 Okay. I confess. I'm negligent and cynical and a stubborn jackass and a lazy cop. I admit it. Mea culpa... Quote2
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George Flannery was a detective at the Gotham City Police Department, usually working on the East End.

His area of work eventually caused him to become involved with Selina Kyle, while investigating a case against her pimp, Stan. Flannery contacted Selina with his friend Ted Grant in order to teach her self-defense, but with time, Flannery grew suspicious of Selina's activities, which seemingly matched those of the vigilante known as Catwoman.[1]

Initially, Flannery couldn't connect Selina with Catwoman, but a few years later, he deduced the truth and tried to protect Selina as much as he could from the law. His interests were never made clear, although Selina assumed he had some romantic interest in her.[2]




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