Quote1 Anyone who throws boomerangs has some real issues letting go. Quote2
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Captain Boomerang was a member of the Suicide Squad.

During Batman's first years, a rising villain calling himself the Captain begins to show up. Although never encountered by the Batman, thugs can be heard discussing this new villain who uses boomerangs to fight.

Captain Boomerang later attracted the interest of Amanda Waller, being a recurring draftee for Task Force X, aka "Suicide Squad". During the mission to raid Arkham Asylum, Harkness frequently antagonized squad leader Deadshot. When the team was sneaking into the Asylum, he was disguised as a EMT with Killer Frost naked in a body bag. He tried to sarcastically show the guards that the body was dead and he hit the body bag as well as Killer Frost's head, much to her pain and anger. They made it through security and after Killer Frost got out of the bag, she hit him in the groin as payback. Later on, when they were racing to get to the Joker's helicopter, Deadshot shot Boomerang in the shoulder which made him believe that he was no longer a threat. Deadshot ran into the helicopter and began to take off. As the helicopter ascended, Captain Boomerang put him in a headlock. Deadshot was surprised that he had made it into the helicopter. Boomerang told him that only one of them was getting out of there. Deadshot pulled back on the control stick with his legs which sent Boomerang falling out the back of the helicopter and into a group of prisoners. He survived the fall and yelled that he'd get payback on Deadshot.

Captain Boomerang and Deadshot once again worked together under the leadership of Harley Quinn after she managed to reform the Suicide Squad. In their first mission together, Boomerang destroyed a GCPD helicopter, and caused it to crash into the armored transport that was taking Killer Croc to Stone Ridge Penitentiary. They freed Croc from the vehicle and traveled to Wonder City where they met Harley's partner, the Penguin. Penguin hired the 'All-New Suicide Squad' to murder Bruce Wayne. Though the animosity between him, Harley, and Deadshot was still obvious, together, they attacked Wayne's car on its way home from a construction site that they had staked out. Unfortunately, it was Batman, not Wayne, who emerged from the car. A fight soon broke out between Harley and Batman, during which Boomerang collected thrown Batarangs and threw them back at the Dark Knight. Boomerang then got the upper-hand as he then started throwing explosive projectiles before he was suddenly executed by Deadshot, for "rarely showering."




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