George "Digger" Harkness, better known as "Captain Boomerang", was a member of the Suicide Squad.

George Harknes was raised in poverty in the Australian town of Kurrumburra, the illegitimate child of an Australian woman and an American toy manufacturer. Harkness learned early how to develop boomerangs into weapons. After a string of bank robberies and jewelry heists that made him a notorious criminal in Australia, he moved to the United States in search of new targets. His activities brought him to the attention of the Flash, who eventually apprehended him. He was later transferred to Belle Reve and recruited as a member of Task Force X, by Amanda Waller.[2]


  • On the Suicide Squad website, George's birthday is listed as December 9, 1985. However, in the film, his birthday is listed as September 12, 1985 on Amanda Waller's file.



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