George Lawton is the father of famed assasin Deadshot.

He was a powerful businessman and later married Genevieve Pitt Lawton. The couple had two children, Edward Robert Lawton and Floyd Lawton.

George did not know his wife Genevieve was an evil woman as she despised her husband and was the one responsible for crippling him, she tries to persuade her two sons to murder their father. Floyd however knew his mother was a spiteful woman and backed out at the last minute, so Edward paralyzed their father. However the tree branch he stood broke and as he fell the gun goes off shooting his brother in the face. George still alive refused his wife a divorce and forced her into one of the smaller houses on the grounds where she lived as a recluse.[1]

Twenty years later she attempted to blackmail Floyd into murdering his father by kidnapping her grandson Edward Lawton, but he refused and tracked down the kidnappers which lead to his son's death.

Floyd then went to find Genevieve but when he reaches the house he is confronted by his therapist Marnie Herrs, who was there to find answers about Deadshot's past. Marnie managed to talk Floyd out of killing her, instead just crippling her and Marnie threatens her to not reveal anything about the incident.[2]



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