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George Roussos (b. August 20, 1915 – d.February 19, 2000) was a writer.

Professional History

George Roussos was an American comic book artist and illustrator. He started working in comics in 1940 for DC Comics on the title Batman and later on Detective Comics. He was later hired by Marvel Comics and worked on several of their most iconic titles.

Roussos' extense carreer on Marvel and DC make of him one of the most prominent artists of the Golden and Silver age of comics.

Personal History

George and his two sisters were left orphans at a very early age and were sent to an Orphan Asylum in New York. They attended Public School 125 in the Woodside neighborhood of Queens.

His first wife was Viola Fink, but after they divorced, he married Florence Lacey on November 17, 1980. She died eight years later.

George had three sons and a daughter and he died of a heart attack at the age of 84.

Work History

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