George Taylor was the editor-in-chief of the Daily Star newspaper in Metropolis in 1938. He had an appointment with Clark Kent, who wanted employment at the Daily Star. Although Clark revealed that his only experience in journalism was working for the Smallville Sentinel (a high school paper), Taylor saw some worth in Clark as half of his staff were out of work due to the flu. He assigned Clark to go to Woking and cover the site of the crashed Martian cylinder as a photographer. Then, Lois Lane barged in and demanded him to take the assignment too to avoid working on other mundane work at the Daily Star.

When Martian tripods arrived at Metropolis, Taylor observed the battle between the United States Army and the Martians from his office through a telescope. Once the Martians had reached into the city, one of the tripods directed its heat-ray towards his office. Taylor quickly pushed Jimmy Olsen out of the beam, which destroyed his office and cost Taylor his life.



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