Quote1 I've been a soldier since I was twenty years old. But our cause is the cause of all men. To be treated equally, regardless of hereditary privilege. We must prove to the world that you don't need a title to be a gentleman. The British may be dishonorable, but I am not. By my death, I will prove to the Crown what it means to be an American. Quote2
George Washington src

George Washington was the commander-in-chief of the American Confidential Army, leading the fight in the American Revolution. Rip Hunter, under orders from the Legion of Doom, assassinated the commander on Christmas Day.[1]

This caused a time aberration that caught the attention of the Legends. They traveled back to Christmas Eve and attended a banquet where Washington was located. Sara Lance and Mick Rory tried to convince him to leave, and had to force him out. Mick and Washington were captured by Rip and the British. They were taken to Lt. General Cornwallis, and set to be executed. Washington tried to have Rory take a letter to his wife, and Rory refused to surrender. He convinced Washington that real Americans are outcasts who fight dirty and never give up. The next day, Washington and Rory fought back against their captors and escaped with the help of Steel and Vixen.

Washington was proud of Rory's rebel spirit and revealed that the letter was actually a battle plan. Washington had a statue of Mick made, that now stands in Washington, D.C..[2]




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