The Ultra-Humanite was once a sickly child named Gerard Shugel. Though cursed with a failing body, his mind was brilliant and he eventually grew up to become a respected research scientist.

His colleagues however, did not approve of Gerard's methods, particularly his numerous experiments involving animals. The only one who stood by his side was a woman named Satana. Gerard was eventually let go and Satana and he traveled to Africa to continue their experiments.

He eventually perfected the process by which to conduct a successful brain transplant and Satana moved Gerard's brain from his meek body into that of a massive white gorilla. Satana assured him that the surrogate body was only temporary, but Gerard relished the feeling of the power that was now available to him. [1]

Eventually, Gerard headed back to America, using technology sold to him by Dr. Sivana, he took Manhattan hostage and attempted to have his brain transplanted into the body of Power Girl.

However, she broke free last second and in the following combat, Gerard's flesh was burned. Feeling sorry for him, Power Girl handed him over to a doctor at Blackgate Penitentiary.

Later, Gerard managed to escape and had his brain transplanted into the body of Terra, which allowed him to infiltrate Power Girl's life and uncover her secret identity. When Gerard's charade was exposed and he was defeated, Power Girl had Terra's people create a clone body of Gerard Shugel's original body (free of the original's illness), which they transplanted his brain into. Afterwards, Gerard's mind was wiped of his time as the Ultra-Humanite.



  • His original body suffered from a degenerative disease, that slowly broke down his body, eventually landing him in a wheelchair. However, his current cloned body, has been cured from the disease.
  • The Humanite's real name, Gerard Shugel is obviously based on the name's of the original's creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.
  • Despite their physical similarities when in gorilla form, Gerard Shugel appears to have no direct connection to the original Ultra-Humanite.



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