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Doktor Gerhard Mencke was a doctor and the assumed commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Gerhard was known for his brutal experiments on prisoners, going even so far that a prisoner named Henryk founded the Concentration Camp Resistance.

He once captured Mlle. Marie and held her at Auschwitz, with the goal to get information out of her. Unknown to him, the Unknown Soldier smuggled himself into the concentration camp, and instigated a revolution, in which Mencke seemingly was killed by Henryk.[1]

He somehow survived that attack, and continued with the killings of the Jewish prisoners, including Franz Klein's wife and child. Said Franz Klein smuggled himself into the Auschwitz concentration camp and beat Mencke up, before Auschwitz guards could stop him. Mencke admired the tattooed skin on the stomach of his prisoner, and straight ordered to operate him to use the skin for "beautiful lamp shades".

Unknown to everyone in the room, the dead prisoner had a bomb in his stomach, producing an explosion which killed everyone in the room, including Gerhard Mencke.[2]