Gerome McKenna was an Everyman Project subject and member of Infinity, Inc.. He was originally the super-strong Nuklon, but after the project was shelved he gained new powers and became Double Trouble.

Gerome McKenna was originally from Los Angeles, California. He dreamed of being chosen to participate in Lex Luthor's Everyman Project. His family showed great support for his aspiration. His father sold his business, his brother dropped out of school, and his mother began working a second job to raise money. Their hard work paid off, and Gerome was selected for the project. This gave him superstrength. He became a member of Luthor's new incarnation of Infinity, Inc as Nuklon.[1]

After Lex Luthor shut down the Everyman Project, Gerome was one of the few that survived. However the experiments had activated his Metagene, giving him the power to split into two independent beings. He takes the name Double Trouble and rejoined Steel's new Infinity Inc.

Gerome's twin personality began to bully the original. Eventually, his dominant half decided he wanted to become the only personality. The new Gerome believed if he killed him he would be the only one left, free to do what he wanted. However when he killed him he soon found out he could not actually exist on his own and faded out of existence.[2]


  • Bio-Fission: Gerome developed a latent metahuman ability to generate doppelgangers of himself through an act of will. Each doppelganger can function independently of the core host. As of yet, it is undetermined how many duplicates of himself Gerome can manifest. Gerome does not appear to suffer any ill effects if one of his duplicates is injured or even killed.


  • Power Limitation: While Gerome will not be affected if his duplicates are injured, his duplicates will feel everything if he is. He also appears to have some confusion about who is the original out of him and his duplicates from time to time, fearing that he is just another copy.

  • In his first appearance, in 52 Week Nine, Gerome McKenna is referred to as "Herakles."



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