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Quote1.png Great Spirit... Father of us all... Why? Why have you let this terrible thing happen? Quote2.png
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Geronibo was a native chief who, after a massacre of his people by settlers, asked the Sky-Spirit for answers.

He was immediately struck by a bolt of lightning which he assumed meant, "War!" They conducted their battle-dance at night, then at dawn rode out against the wagon train who killed their tribe, but they too were no match for the gatling gun of the Wagonmaster. Lying on the ground, riddled with bullets, Geronibo asked the Sky-Spirit why he would let this happen. He was immediately struck by lightning once again, this time reducing him to ash and bone.



  • Horseback


  • Chained Hook
  • Tomahawk

  • Geronibo is a parody of the real life chief, Geronimo.