Gerry Conway (b. September 10, 1952) is a writer.

Personal History

Gerry Conway is married to Laura Beth Conway, a writer and producer of web series. Gerry has two children from previous marriages, Cara and Rachel, and a stepson from his marriage with Laura, Matthew. As of 2017, Gerry and Laura reside in the Conejo Valley near Los Angeles, California. Cara's mother, Carla Conway, has a "story assist" credit in Ms. Marvel #1 (Jan. 1977; reprinted in the trade paperback The Superhero Women by Stan Lee, published by Fireside Books on Nov. 15, 1977, ISBN 0-671-22928-1).

Professional History

After decades of writing for comic books, Conway provided numerous scripts for the Law & Order television franchise, and has been a writer and producer on many television series. His recent work includes the Firestorm mini-series "United We Fall," and the ongoing Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows.

Work History


  • A letter from Conway appeared in the Marvel Comics issue Fantastic Four #50 (May 1966).

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