"Shop of Nightmares": This story is reprinted from Ghosts Giant #1.

Ghosts #1 is a chapter in the digital-first series Ghosts (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of June, 2020.

Synopsis for "Shop of Nightmares"

This story is reprinted from Ghosts Giant #1.

An old woman after feeling tired goes outside to get some air, but falls off her balcony as she becomes blind. The police officer Harper later hands Detective Jim Corrigan her identity card, which states she was Adrianna Breckens and her age was only 25 years, though her corpse seems to be in the age range of 90-100 years. Entering her apartment, he notices that the things she owned can’t be owned someone so advanced in age and notices an evil aura around one of her tables. The only clue he comes across is that she was supposed to pick up a clock from Drummagio’s Antiques.

At the antique clock shop, Corrigan meets a man who identifies himself as Tristan Drummagio, grandson of the shop’s owner Ivan. He asks her about the clock she had ordered and gets told that she had returned it stating it didn’t tell the time, though Tristan states that it works okay. Tristan hands the clock to Corrigan upon his request and back at his apartment, he realizes it’s going backwards while turning him older. Believing that Drummagio is behind it, Corrigan turns into the Spectre and confronts him at his shop about the murders, realizing it was Ivan who was pretending to be Tristan the entire time after he learns that he steals the life force of others to survive.

Ivan transports the Spectre to a realm where the former can control the latter. As Spectre starts feeling older, Ivan also tells him that he learnt the art of feeding off others’ life force from an old scroll of dark magic. After getting punched by him into a vortex, the Spectre falls on a clock and Ivan muses what he might be granted after taking his life force. Spectre however breaks out of his traps and tells him he has no power to take anything from him. Judging him guilty of murders, he sentences him to be aged to death like he did to his victims. After turning back, Jim feels satisfied for the retribution on Ivan.

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