"The Ghost Inside": This story is reprinted from Ghosts Giant #1.

Ghosts #2 is a chapter in the digital-first series Ghosts (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of July, 2020.

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Synopsis for "The Ghost Inside"

This story is reprinted from Ghosts Giant #1.

Constantine finds himself grabbed by a demon and talks about how helping a friend get rid of someone unwanted is on a completely different level than asking a normal favor, but he's not hesitant to do it. He had originally been informed by his best friend Chas Chandler about the house of another friend of his is been having weird experiences at her house. As he goes to meet her, she tells him that the place is haunted and he knows about that stuff as well as magic.

John notices the house she lives in is centuries old and might have some spirits who haven't departed to their eternal resting place. As he tells her about the various kinds of spirits, he senses a ghost behind the woman, but it runs away before he can see it. Knowing that the spirit creating trouble in the house is malevolent, John gets ready to exorcize it, but tells the woman he knows that she's the one possessed. As the demon comes out, John realizes he's preying on both the dead and living and feeding on their energy.

The demon tells John he is right and he means to kill him. After he grabs him however, the hellspawn is soon sent back by him to Hell. As the demon vanishes, he informs the protecting sprits that it's safe for them to come out of hiding and tells them to look after the woman he exorcized. As he walks away, he also tells them to inform Chas that he owes him one now.

Appearing in "Child of the Night"

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  • Street punks

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Synopsis for "Child of the Night"

This story is reprinted from Ghosts Giant #1.

A girl named Zoe runs away from three street punks, but doesn't understand what exactly did they do which they think she witnessed. As she hide behinds a wall, the punk kids search in another direction and she decides to hide in an old derelict manor nearby before they come back looking for her. Jim Craddock, the Gentleman Ghost who's also been hiding there notices her and guesses she's being pursued. He gets impressed by her lockpicking skills and decides to meet her. Zoe however doesn't feel afraid and seems quite humored, which delights him.

After learning from Zoe why she's hiding, he hears the street punks entering the grounds of the manor and assures her that she won't allow them to get their hands on her. As he goes out to confront them, he tells her to move back and view the unfolding events from a safe distance. One of the punks tells the other two that there's nowhere else Zoe can hide other than the mansion, but finds himself confronted by Craddock who tells them to leave. He however pulls out a gun and shoots at him, realizing he's an actual ghost which causes the punks to flee.

As he goes back to tell Zoe that the punks chasing her fled, he notices that she's not responding and notices her dead body. Chiding her for not seeking cover from the gunshots, he tells her ghost to just start blaming her already. Zoe tells him to stop making the thing about himself and feels devastated, leading him to apologize for his behavior. He confirms that she was killed and encourages her try to get used to her afterlife, as she would have ended up a ghost sooner or later. Zoe asks if she'll get any superpower but Craddock responds that they'll see about that once she's been tested.


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