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Gideon was the leader of the military forces of New Genesis.

Commander Gideon, being a member of the Council of Five, continually challenged Izaya's authority as Highfather, seeking war instead of peace. Gideon sowed doubt among the people of New Genesis, painting Highfather as an authority that doesn't care about its people. He insisted that New Genesis should engage in an all-out war against Apokolips instead of holding on to a fake sense of peace.[1] Gideon's wishes were granted when, during the return of Yuga Khan, Highfather commanded him to ready the army.[2] When the Source Wall went silent, Gideon took it as a sign and went head-on against Apokolips' forces. However, the battle was short, and it ended when Yuga Khan himself intervened and destroyed the Genesisian army, Gideon included among the fallen.[3]

Death of the New Gods

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