Dr. Psycho, in trying to victimize Wonder Woman, hypnotized an zoo gorilla called Giganta into falling in love with Steve Trevor. After Diana defeats Giganta, a Professor Zool appears on the scene, asking that the gorilla be turned over to him for evolutionary experimentation. Dr. Psycho takes advantage of this situation and renders Giganta unconscious with a gas, breaks her out of the zoo, and takes her to Zool, whom is forced to subject the gorilla to an evolution-ray. Giganta becomes a huge, powerful blonde woman, still in love with Steve. Diana defeats Giganta who is taken to Paradise Island for rehabilitation.

Later a Millionaire Collector enlistd Giganta, Doctor Psycho, and Paula von Gunta in an effort to obtain Wonder Woman's magic lasso.


  • This version of Giganta was originally thought to belong to Earth-One due to inconstancies with Golden Age (Earth-Two) history despite the issues being done in that style (that Giganta was a redhead this version was blond, for example) but Super Friends #30 (which was supposed to take place on Earth-One) has Giganta a red head just like her Earth-Two counterpart. Eventually the appearances of this Giganta were retconned to Earth-Forty effectively eliminating her from Earth-One history.



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