Giggs was a military command leader and a highly valued member of a special detail of the Department of Homeland Security. He was used as a "clean-up" man under the leadership of Security Chief Keane. When a Martian refugee escaped from a DHS research laboratory, Giggs was assigned to erase all trails connecting the Martians to the government. One of these trails led to a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist named Alexander Ferguson. Giggs learned that Ferguson was attempting to flee the country, so he rigged a passenger jet out of LaGuardia to explode in the hopes of killing him. Unfortunately for Giggs, Ferguson suspected something was amiss and did not board the plane.

Later, Giggs was tasked with locating and taking out the Martians themselves. He succeeded in killing one of them, Sy'rann, with a special bullet that imitated the effects of the Martian H'ronmeer's Curse. He was then captured by the surviving Martians and interrogated at length. Giggs managed to briefly escape custody but the Martian Manhunter recaptured him and gained the information he wanted.



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