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 The Gil'Dishpan are the oldest and most powerful aquatic race in the universe, a race of imperialists and conquerors.


Gil'Disphan are a slug-like species that have the appearance of large tubeworms which are vicious and devious. They are a superbly organized race.[1][2] Gil'Dishpan are a race renowned for their diplomats. Their relative disinterest in the lives of oxygen breathers has made them oddly suited to be neutral peacemakers. The Gil'Dishpan live in galaxy O-749 on a gas giant.[3]

In the late 20th century, the Gil'Disphan joined an alliance of races to put an end to what was seen as a threat to the interstellar powers of the cosmos, Earth. The Gil'Disphan were put in charge of the supply lines and established a presence on Earth's oceans.[1] Aquaman led the Atlantean forces and various superheroes against the Gil'Disphan and destroyed their underwater bases. After the duplicity of the Dominators was revealed and the alien alliance had suffered grievous losses, the Gil'Disphan like the other races withdrew from Earth.[2] Two decades later, catastrophe fell upon the Gil'Disphan as their homeworld was conquered by Starro the Conqueror, after which a Dominator general fleeing the earlier conquest of his homeworld by the Starro, dropped his FTL drive into the planet destroying the Gil'Disphan homeworld.[4]

Sometime in the 30th-31st century, many judge the Gil'Dishpan as a whole as sinister due to the actions of criminals such as Zymyr, Hywyndr and Ebb, but Yeasmyr is one of the universe's greatest diplomats[3] while Wyrsm'r is one of the top analysts for the United Planets Council.[5] The Gil'Dishpan were responsible for conquering Hykraius and introduced the Hykraians to space travel. In the Post-Zero Hour continuity Ar'dn and Ar'by colluded with the Dark Circle to assassinate United Planets president R.J. Brande but failed.[6] Another member of the race became a villainous Water Elemental.[7]

Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Dimensional Warp Gates: a sub-class of Gil'Disphan (Warp-Weavers) are able to create these portals, which are used for travel and in battles[4]


  • Acid Spray: pod-like protuberances fire lethal acid-like liquid


Habitat: Methane
Gravity: Presumably heavier than earth
Atmosphere: Methane


Level of Technology:


  • Warp-capable Starships[1]
  • Biotech Structures & Weapons = coral cannons, coral buildings, etc.[2][4]



  • In the Post-Zero Hour continuity the Gil'Dishpan are called the Gil'Dan. A Gil'Dan named Ar'by mistranslated their name into Interlac as Gil'Dishpan which has served as an annoyance for the rest of his race.[6]


  • The Gil'Dishpan made contact with the human race in 2753 A.D.[3]

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