Gil Mason was the Deputy Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. He was considered one of the best officers because of his proficiency in taking down whole gangs and important criminals. His reputation as a hard cop was reaffirmed when he arrested Commissioner Gordon for dealing with the criminal Rupert Thorne.[1]

However, his clean record was revealed to be a fraud, when it was discovered that the reason behind his success against crime in Gotham was because he was working under the instructions of Two-Face. When Two-Face kidnapped Gordon away from prison, Mason was going to be the executioner of the Commissioner and then his biggest ambitions would become true. Mason was stopped by Batgirl, who arrived just in time to save Gordon and with help from Batman and Robin, they managed to capture Two-Face. Mason tried to get away in a boat, but Batgirl followed him and they fought for a while until Mason discovered Batgirl's identity was Barbara Gordon. She knocked Gil down and saved the man from the boat that crashed out of control against the Statue of Justice. Days later, Mason was in coma due to his confrontation with Batgirl, but the authorities indicted him and exonerated Gordon from all charges.[2]




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