Gilda Gold was the ex-wife of Two-Face.

Gilda Stevens was the daughter of prominent sculptor Alan Gold[1] and the first wife of Harvey Dent, the Gotham City District Attorney who became Two-Face. After Dent's descent to madness, Gilda divorced from him and married his former assistant, Dave Stevens. Unfortunately, Stevens was killed by Two-Face's oldest enemy, "Boss" Moroni as a way to affect Two-Face.[2]

A while later, Gilda met Carl Ternion, an apparently straight and honest man and she started to fall in love with him, unaware that he was in fact Harvey Dent with his face restored with plastic surgery.[3] Soon, Batman approached her and told her the truth, but he also asked her assistance in preparing a trap for Harvey. Gilda helped Batman and during the "showdown", she talked to Two-Face and convinced him to turn himself in and allow the authorities to help him. Gilda's loving words worked and Two-Face returned to Arkham willingly, hoping to one day return with Gilda.[2]



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