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Wyldheart is an ally of Damage.

While exploring a jungle, Abriam Wahrman found a baby in a hi-tech crib. He adopted the child and named her Gillian. As Gillian grew up she demonstrated superhuman powers that increased as she aged.

Najia told Wyldheart that two Symbolix projects, Troll and Damage, were running amok and asked her to stop them and bring them to her father Abriam. Wyldheart agree because she was bored, and wondered if Damage was cute. Wyldheart, Troll and Damage fought, and the battle raged across town until they ended up in a warehouse where Iron Munro was busting up Baron's drug ring. Damage smashed a bagful of Stardust vials, drugs made from nanites, into Troll's face, and the monster died. The Baron and his men then turned their guns on Damage and Wyldheart. In the ensuing fight the warehouse exploded. Damage and Wyldheart were blown clear and had some time to talk. Damage told her that her adoptive family the Wahrmans were killers and mad scientists but she refused to believe him. They were again forced to rejoin the fight against Baron, who was now aided by his henchman Steelhawk. The New Titans interrupted the battle and told Damage they were there to stop his rampage across Georgia. They didn't realize he was new to his destructive powers and had been forced to use them to defend himself against supervillains. Iron Munro convinced them he was a hero and they all turned their attention to Steelhawk, who later disappeared into a temporal distortion field caused by Zero Hour.

Damage returned from saving the universe from Parallax and Extant and was in a rage that Waverider briefly gave him control over his powers, and then took them away. Wyldheart and Munro tried to calm him down, but Damage attacked Munro. Their battle raged, and Damage exploded, sending Munro into cardiac arrest. Wyldheart gave Damage another offer to go with her to Symbolix before the police took him into custody, but he refused, and she left him.