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Gim Allon aka Colossal Boy is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who can increase his size and strength to gigantic levels.

Gim Allon was born on Earth to Wynn Allon and Marte Allon. He was raised in a patriotic and Jewish family.

As a young man, Gim enrolled to become a member of the Science Police. While on vacation on Mars with fellow cadet Gigi Cusimano, a strange meteor crashed into the soil near him. The meteor's radiation altered his body's molecules, giving him the power to grow to giant sizes at will.

He continued with the Science Police, nearly apprehending the villain who would become Starfinger, but his parents encouraged him to his new-found powers to help more people.

Gim joined the Legion of Super-Heroes alongside fellow applicant Chameleon Boy. It was him that gave him his code name as he reminded him of a chameleon he owned as boy.

Gim took the name Colossal Boy and the two heroes remained friends throughout their careers as Legionnaires.


  • Size Alteration: While training as a Science Police officer on Mars, Gim Allon was affected by the emanations of a meteorite that impacted nearby, giving him the ability to grow to enormous size and strength. He can increase his size up to twenty-five feet.
  • Superhuman Strength[1]


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): There are many weapons in the Legionnaires' arsenal scaled up to his size however he prefers to use the techniques learned from his police training as well as with Karate Kid.
  • Law: Gim trained to be a police officer before becoming a Legionnaire, even after he became a hero he continued his training and became an officer.


  • Legion Flight Ring: Just as his costume is designed to grow or shrink depending on his current size, his ring can do the same and still allow him to fly.

  • Gim was born in the area on Earth once known as Israel.[2]



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