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Giselle Cutter is an experienced mercenary who is hired by Tobias Whale to track and capture Khalil Payne.

Led to the house of Yvette, she begins an attack on Khalil, pinning him to the table before the arrival of Black Lightning and Thunder. Overwhelmed, Cutter retreated from the house, taking her search into the woods nearby, while informing Tobias of her encounter with the metahumans.[2]

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  • Telekinesis: Though small, Cutter is documented with the power to move her weapons with her mind.[2]



  • Knives: Cutter carries, wields, and throws knives coated with a toxin that, when grazed through skin, gradually kills its victims.
  • Firearms: Cutter also uses different guns during her encounters with opposition.

  • Giselle Cutter was portrayed by Kearran Giovanni.



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