Giuana was a Amazon who set out on her own as a mercenary.

Giuana was responsible for operating the Purple Healing Ray. After years of prolonged exposure to the radiation of the Purple Ray, Giuana realized she had the ability to heal from injuries at a higher rate than any of her fellow Amazons, easily regrowing whatever she cut off herself. After the events of Amazons Attack!, Amazons left alive were rounded up and sent to as slaves to work under the cruel proprieter Mr. Smyth at his facility on Devil's Island. Giuana worked as his bodyguard, ruthlessly slaughtering any prisoner at Mr. Smyth's behest. When the Secret Six tried to stage a jail break for the Amazons, Giuana stood against Banshee and Catman and managed to overpower them both. At the moment she was about to deliver the killing blows, she was shot through the head by Deadshot, incapacitating her. Knowing she would regenerate soon, Catman dismembered and discarded Giuana's body so she could not regenerate from the damage.





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