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Gleek is an elasti-monk from the planet Exxor.

An Exxorian carnival owner named Dentwil purchased Gleek and made him the star attraction of his traveling show. While touring with the carnival, Gleek met the young Exxorian shape-shifter, Zan and Jayna. Recognizing their unhappiness with carnival life, Gleek helped them to flee the circus and escape from Exxor. He accompanied the twins to Earth where he shared in many of their adventures as one of the Super Friends.


  • Exxorian Monkey Physiology: Among his native species, Gleek possesses no unusual features. However, his blue skin, and advanced comprehension skills sets him apart from average Earth monkeys. Gleek also possesses a large overbite, which is uncommon among the simian species.
    • Elasticity: Gleek possess the ability to elongate his tail to any desired length.
    • Enhanced Strength: The tensile strength of this prehensile appendage appears to be several times greater than that of the average Earth monkey.


  • Artistry: Gleek is capable of painting pictures - but these are always masterpieces based on bananas or monkeys.
  • Aviation: Geek is able to pilot an airplane suitable for his size.
  • Gadgetry: Gleek can build an airplane suitable for his size, although not very reliable.
  • Multilingualism: Gleek possesses perfect understanding of the native languages of both Exxor and Earth.


  • Attraction in getting into trouble


  • Water Pail: Gleek often carries around an empty water pail. He uses the bucket in order to transport the Wonder Twin Zan while in a fluid state.

  • The character of Gleek is largely based upon another space-traveling monkey - Blip. Blip was the pet monkey owned by siblings Jayce and Jan on the 1966 Hanna-Barbera animated series, Space Ghost.



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