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Glomulus is a member of the Orange Lantern Corps.

When various Power Rings of all the different Emotional Corps sought out Kyle Rayner on Earth, an Orange Power Ring of Avarice was included in those rings. When surrounded by the Guardians of the Universe on Oa, the ring re-formed Glomulus. Glomulus accompanied Kyle Rayner, Saint Walker, Arkillo, Bleez, Fatality, and Munk back to Okaara as well as to The Orrey to find out who had actually stolen all the Power Rings from their wielders. Glomulus is later shown in the Battle of Odym being much more generous and helpful. After that the New Guardians went to confront Larfleeze thinking that he stole the rings and that he told The Reach to invade Odym. While fighting with Larfleeze, Glomulus tried to protect Kyle but Larfleeze killed Glomulus thinking of him as a traitor.

When the Wanderer had every Orange Avatar become alive again, Glomulus and the other Orange Lanterns imprisoned Larfleeze. When Larfleeze exerted his powers he became left on a planet with the other Orange Lanterns. Clypta was interested in Glomulus but he turned her down, stating that he reproduces asexually and doesn't need to mate.




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This character is or was a member of the Orange Lantern Corps, whose greed knows no bounds. Due to the nature of avarice, only one person can wield the Orange Light at a time.

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