Gloria Brinke was a fictional character created by Danny the Street to communicate through comic books.

In the story, Gloria was the scientist mother of the main character Casey Brinke. Gloria sacrificed herself to stop her ex-husband and Casey's father Torminox by shooting herself into the sun.

However, Danny the Street soon learned that he had the power to actually spawn real human life and accidentally created the character Casey Brinke as a real person. He then later accidentally created the character of Torminox, who, because of his super-villain characteristics, began plotting against his creator. When the Doom Patrol came to Danny's rescue to save the sentient street from Torminox, Danny spawned yet another person - Gloria - to talk to her ex-husband. Gloria was shot in the back by yet another of Danny's runaway creations - Doodle-Bug - and she turned into a ball of light, kissing her former husband.[1]




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