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Glorith was originally a henchman of the Time Trapper who once reduced the Legion of Super-Heroes to infants.

Years later the timeline was rebooted when Mon-El killed the Time Trapper and in the new timeline, Mordru ruled the galaxy and Glorith was one of his wives. No one but Mordru retained their memories of the previous timeline but Mordru often talked about the details of the timeline to his harem. Glorith plotted to recreate the previous timeline as best she could. She reasoned that the Time Trapper created the Legion of Super-Heroes to stop Mordru from ruling the galaxy and that when Mon-El killed the Time Trapper all of his schemes were undone including the creation of the Legion. Glorith cast a spell sacrificing her own life to reboot the timeline again but this time, she supplanted Time Trapper's place in the timeline and in this new Glorithverse all of his deeds were attributed to her.

Ultra Boy eventually deduced Glorith's involvement and as punishment she banished Phantom Girl to the 20th Century where she became Phase of L.E.G.I.O.N., to achieve balance she moved a Durlan from the 20th century to the 31st and this Durlan became RJ Brande the Legion of Super-Heroes financier.

Glorith was involved in many schemes during the Legion's Five Year Gap and retroactively many schemes before that including the murder of Ultra Boy's ex An Ryd, Brainiac 5's mental deterioration, an attempt to enslave the Protean race so she could have a shape-shifting army, slaughtering the population of Daxam, banishing Valor to the Bztgl Buffer Zone and making it appear that one of Triplicate Girl's two remaining bodies had died.

Later she teamed up with a de-aged Mordru to fight the Legion in a bid to control the universe. The duo was indirectly responsible for Cosmic Boy being locked in the Infinite Library and becoming the Time Trapper. She and the rest of the timeline were erased during Zero Hour.





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