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Glorithverse is Glorith's fix of the Legion of Super-Heroes' timeline.


Without the interference of the Time Trapper, the Legion of Super-Heroes would never exist. When Time Trapper was killed, the universe reverted into the Mordruverse, a universe which was ruled by Mordru. Glorith, the first wife of Mordru, remembered the former universe, and reintroduced several factors to the timeline that would lead to the creation of the Legion, including a wealthy Durlan frozen in human form (R.J. Brande) and an inspiration for the Legion (originally, this was Kal-El (Earth-One)/Superboy (Pocket Universe), but Glorith instead used Valor as inspiration source). The old 30th century timeline was restored, but with some changes. Supergirl was replaced by Andromeda, and Superboy and Mon-El were replaced by Valor.

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