Quote1 Well, let me tell you something, Mr. "I lie to kids!" If you ever -- ever -- ever put me in one of your slimy little rags again -- I will come back and I will burn you so bad they'll be able to bury you in a dixie cup. Quote2
-- Glowworm src

Glowworm is one of the members of the Unholy Alliance, a large intimidating looking worm-man that shoots energy from his body. One of the powerhouses of the group, Glowworm is a hothead and has been known to go off on his own and has had run-ins with the likes of the Samaritan. Once, he was published in a sleazy comic book battling Jack-in-the-Box. In it he was depicted as a racist and decided to take revenge for his portrayal by attacking and seriously injuring the editor of the book. He failed to find the author and artist before he was arrested. He was seen years later still alongside his fellow foes in the Unholy Alliance.


  • Unique Physiology: Glowworm was involved in an accident that turned him into a large, worm-like humanoid which glowing green skin and a prehensile tail.
    • Energy Projection: Glowworm can fire his green energy from his hands and his tail. This energy burns when it hits targets.
    • Flight



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