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Gluttony is one of the Sons of Trigon.

Gluttony is an obese bald man, shown to instantly drain the energies of his targets, such as reducing Troia and Starfire to skin and bones after consuming their muscles and fat.

The demon Trigon created a cult on Earth to seduce women, and produce hybrid offspring with them to pave the way for his invasion of Earth. His firstborn Raven rebelled against her heritage and became a superhero, serving with the Teen Titans.

When Trigon was ready for his invasion he empowered the half-brothers and set them loose to destroy all of Raven friends. The Titans defeated Trigon, but Raven's encounter with her siblings lets her dark side out, and she subconsciously started thinking about killing her friends, and this summoneds her brothers Lust, Envy, and Wrath.

They took her by the hand and led her to Trigon's dimension. Raven had given her teammate Troia the talisman Ramat Stone to locate her in just such a situation, because she always feared being lured to the dark side, and the Titans were transported to Trigon's dimension. They met Gluttony, Greed and Sloth, and were defeated. Raven turned against her brothers, proclaiming herself Pride, the sin from which all others sprung.

Raven wanted to rule the planet, but with the Titans at her side, and began imbuing them with the powers of the Seven Deadly Sins. This activated the Ramat Stone, Raven had given it a sliver of her pure essence, and the Raven that was loyal to the Titans emerged and merged herself with her demonic counterpart and returned the team to Titan's Tower.


  • Magic: Gluttony can manipulate mystical energy for a wide variety of effects. He can project powerful blasts of eldritch energy from his upper eyes. He can cast complex illusions that enable him to function in the world of man. He can increase the rate of entropy on living tissue, causing people and animals to age at an accelerated rate.



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