Gnarrk is a reserve memeber of the Teen Titans.

Gnarrk lived in the Arctic Circle with his best friend, Kole, in a vast series of underground caverns that were inhabited by prehistoric creatures. All Gnarrk could say was, "gnarrk", yet Kole could,communicate with him quite well. He also seemed to have a crush on her as he was seen blushing around her on few occasions. He helped the Titans stop |Doctor Light when he attempted to kidnap Kole.[1] Cyborg struggled to pronounce his name right and always had to be corrected by Kole or his teammates. Gnarrk and Kole were overpowered by Gizmo and Billy Numerous, but some quick thinking by Kole ended up saving the day. They were part of a group of reinforcements that come to rescue Beast Boy, Pantha, Más, the Herald and Jericho from the Brotherhood of Evil. The first villain they take out is the Ding-Dong Daddy. They ended up helping to defeat the villains and save the day.[2]




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